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Green + The Gent

The whole package

How do we identify a modern-day gentleman? By his name? His manners? His values? His sophistication? A certain appearance? None of these alone is enough, each is part of the formula.

The founders of Green + The Gent have always loved grooming rituals. But it wasn’t until they travelled the world that they realised what had been missing at home in Germany: frequent visits to a traditional barbershop. It became apparent that they were used to making do with the limited selection of products at local drug stores. Yes, the range of products available has been growing more and more, but not the ‘gentlemanly’ products, just those that are gaudy or following trends. The products required for a truly mindful daily ritual must be sustainable, organic and cruelty-free. Therefore the idea for a quality skincare line for men was born.

In the brand strategy workshop, Studio Veh and the Green + The Gent founders identified that the discrepancy between desire and reality was the company’s driving force. The big skincare providers promise an ideal world, but do little to achieve it. Their focus is on low-quality ingredients, unnecessary products, and high-profit margins.

For Green + The Gent, their brand mission is to fill the untouched gap in the market: mindfulness and reduction to the essential grooming products that empower today’s gentleman to enjoy life with a clear conscience.

While it may seem like a modern philosophy, one of the founder’s grandfathers cultivated a similar shaving ritual more than 100 years ago. Therefore the name of this grandfather was also the first idea for the company’s name. Now with strong brand values established and – in close coordination with the founders – Studio Veh began the brand’s naming process. The process considered all possible options, navigating which had emotion and which were legally possible, as there are complex copyright issues in the beauty industry.

The name Green + The Gent was ultimately the perfect blend of the product’s philosophy, which prioritises natural ingredients and the needs of the modern gentleman. Tradition meets modernity, old-fashion meets reclaimed naturalness, the man of today’s world meets values that have endured since razor blades were created.

Based on the established and strategic brand positioning, Studio Veh then developed the packaging that celebrates the philosophy of the brand with every product, as well as the entire skincare range.

In addition, the brand’s sustainable conscience and high-quality ingredients become apparent through the high quality of the packaging. Dark, recyclable glass bottles and FSC-certified paper and cardboard have been combined with printed finishes such as blind embossing on the packaging.

To do justice to the product’s mix of modern, certified-organic ingredients and vintage-look packaging reminiscent of old grooming products, Studio Veh developed a custom typeface for use on the packaging and in the entire brand identity. The mono-spaced execution showcases grooming as a structured ritual, and highlights the barbershop as an old-school shaving tradition.

Green + The Gent’s product range includes shaving soap, facial tonic, moisturiser and shower products, as well as a razor with matching blades. This custom razor is made by the Solingen-based manufacturer Giesen & Forsthoff, and of course, comes engraved with Green + The Gent’s typeface.

Quality and gentlemen have a lot in common: they’re both an art form, and if you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Team Credits

Brand Workshop & Strategy:
Franziska Veh + Mark-Marcel Müller

Creative Direction:
Franziska Veh

Lind Haugaard
, Callum O’Neill

Tobias Rechsteiner

Project Management:
Kiyoshi Stelzner

Porfolio Photography:
Daniel Faró

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