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A soulful and fun way to work out together

CYCLA is a new-age concept boutique sports studio that celebrates community, wellness of the body and mind, and doing it together in the most fun way possible.

Doing a series of exercises during the brand workshop together, Studio VEH arrived at key values and a strong brand belief that guided the team through the process of creating a visual identity, capturing the CYCLA’s brand essence.

Since authenticity, openness, collaboration and fun are at the core of the brand personality, the team at the studio developed a circular symbol that symbolizes CYCLA’s dynamic and movement-oriented energy. This is also expressed in the new claim — Let the good times roll — also developed by Studio Veh. The dots in the word mark symbolize the fun and inclusive togetherness that CYCLA stands for.

“I found the collaboration with Franziska and Studio VEH to be absolutely professional and pleasant. During the creation of our sport studio brand CYCLA, Franziska and team were instrumental in helping us create an identity that fits us, our values and the industry. During the development process, they asked the right questions, which enabled us to sharpen our brand values and define them more precisely.”

Maren Bertram, Founder of CYCLA

It was important for CYCLA to extend the brand values to the studio space. CYCLA customers needed to experience a comprehensive brand experience: When they visit, they don’t just feel welcome and comfortable, but experience themselves as part of a community that enriches their daily lives.

Who is CYCLA talking to? Who is the place for? In the brand workshop, together we acknowledged that there is quite a gap between people who just need a release after their stressful day, without being judged, without having to look, feel or talk a certain way and can just be themselves and still feel part of a positive collective. Spaces and sport studios for these people and their needs are missing, they are often highly functional and mechanic or have become social status hotspots for people above a certain economic class fitting to a certain body type. CYCLA couldn’t be more different, it is proudly inclusive, welcoming and diverse.

With CYCLA’s sports studio, we were able to extend the feeling into a well-rounded and holistic spatial brand experience using the colour scheme, icons, typography and other interior design elements. We feel pleased to see all elements coming together and complimenting each other in a physical space.

Team Credits

Creative Direction: Franziska Veh
Claim/Text: Franziska Veh
Design: Callum O’Neill
Development: Ralf Büsch
Project Management: Kiyoshi Stelzner
Interior Design: undplus
Photography / People: @jantitvs
Photography / Interior: undplus