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The community code

Every community uses its own language. For programmers, it’s binary code, even when discussing two fundamental subjects: the ‘Future of Work’, and genuine added value for customers.

The Berlin-based startup CodeControl connects companies with the best talents in programming, design and product development. CodeControl specialises in finding the perfect team and technology for each project – from Java, Python and Objective-C to Symfony and Ruby – always with the aim of creating the best solution for each client.

CodeControl’s vision is to form a large community of code and tech specialists. Their ethos is to transfer knowledge and exchange of ideas on a personal level, this is the philosophy Studio Veh has used at the core for the development of the design concept.

Binary code is the basis of digital information processing and is at the heart of the logo’s concept. Code is the language that everyone in the community understands; it symbolises a sense of community and a shared attitude in life. Anyone who simply sees random ones and zeros or, in programming languages, weird strings of slashes, dollar signs and brackets, is simply blind. Why? Because these characters reshape the world: they create universes in which nothing seems impossible. They not only saturate the night’s sky pink in a computer game, but they also ensure that houses are green in real life. They optimise logistic processes, reduce greenhouse gases and create autonomously driven taxis. Code is full of life, and its logic is fundamentally human.

In the brand concept developed by Studio Veh, this binary – the logical on one hand and the human on the other – runs throughout, from the business stationery to the brand’s external communications.

‘If you are looking for future-driven design thinkers: Call Studio Veh – stellar ideas and professional execution, guaranteed. Always a pleasure to work with.’

Marc Clemens, Founder CodeControl

The giveaway idea of three notebooks for clients and partners underlined the personal exchange at CodeControl, and was a reminder of the importance of mental ‘ping-pong’ to achieve the best results. Two of the notebooks were printed with ping-pong paddles and the third with a net (including a hidden message in the net lines, made up of binary code).

Spreading awareness

Merchandise plays a vital role in strengthening and fostering a sense of community. It serves as a tangible representation of shared values, interests, and experiences. Having community merchandise allows members to proudly display their affiliation. It promotes a sense of belonging and camaraderie among individuals, forging connections and encouraging interactions. It also acts as a promotional tool, spreading awareness and attracting new members who resonate with the community’s ethos. This is why CodeControl started their own merchandise material.

Taking the idea of binary code of a common language to the next level, we used creative coding to create a tool that allows the CodeControl team to create static and animated graphics based on a binary code pattern. It is visually connected to the brand but doesn’t make the merch feel too branded. More merch articles coming soon!

Team Credits

Brand Workshop & Strategy:
Franziska Veh

Creative Direction:
Franziska Veh

Identity Design:
Lind Haugaard

Creative Coding:
Anatoly Grashchenko

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