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From nature. Since 1927.

How do you redesign an iconic brand that has been a symbol of clean eating for over 90 years? With a sophisticated balance of tradition and innovation that makes access to new target groups a reality.

Conscious nutrition.
For all.

The company Schneekoppe has stood for naturally conscious nutrition with selected products for over 90 years. Founded at the foot of the Krkonoše Mountains, the company was named after the highest peak, Sněžka, in German: Schneekoppe. The idea: to use selected raw materials to produce products that are not only organic but also delicious – without any genetic engineering or chemical-synthetic pesticides.

Conscious nutrition for everyone – that is the goal of the brand. The belief and motivation: Everyone can be healthy. Health and fitness are for Philipp Lahm, world champion captain and healthcare entrepreneur, the most important capital. As a former top athlete, family man and entrepreneur, he knows that the many large and small tasks in everyday life can only be managed permanently if the body gets what it needs. The owner of Schneekoppe is convinced that everyone can do something for their own health within their means: conscious nutrition, sufficient exercise and relaxation should be integrated into every daily routine.

Growing new potential

With the realignment as an exclusive brand for budni, the largest drugstore in the Hamburg metropolitan region with a further 195 branches in the north and southwest of Germany, the brand Schneekoppe is faced with the task of revising its brand appearance in order to open itself up to a broader target group.

Schneekoppe commissioned Studio VEH to redesign the brand identity and the visual conception of the new, budni-exclusive product line.

But how do you properly redesign such a traditional brand? The goal for Studio Veh right from the beginning: to preserve the brand’s core values ​​and heritage while modernizing its visual identity and messaging to resonate with contemporary audiences.

The trademark, the snow-covered mountain peak of Sněžka, has been a symbol of the company since its founding. Reason for Studio Veh to adapt the logo only minimally. The Schneekoppe company also enjoys highest brand awareness: 72% of all Germans associate the Schneekoppe brand with healthy products and natural quality. Another reason to modernize the trademark just slightly.

View of nature

In order to appeal to a younger target group with the packaging design, but not to lose its positioning as a clean eating brand, Studio VEH went back to the early days of the brand – the moment in which Fritz Klein looked out of the window at the Sněžka choosing its name for the company.

The concept with a look into nature was born.

The basic concept of the new packaging design celebrates the beauty and diversity of our environment and natural resources.

The image mark is prominently presented as an illustrative element and thus forms the optical frame for the view of nature, as if through a window. The product images and information are arranged in and on this frame.
The basic tone of all packaging is the iconic Schneekoppe Green as a sign of appreciation for nature in all its splendor and untouchedness.

Visual orientation for customers

Important in the FMCG sector: easy orientation on the market shelf. Studio VEH has therefore developed a color system that gives each product its own color combination and thus offers both a clear indicator for taste patterns such as “leicht gesalzen” (= lightly salted) and also enables consumers to easily, yet clearly and quickly distinguish between the same basic products – for example “Mandelmus blanchiert” or “Mandelmus geröstet” (= blanched almond butter or roasted almond butter).

The clear, elegant packaging design is rounded off by simple typography: As a bridge between tradition and modernity, the new font Obviously gets to the heart of the topic of clean eating with its large, slim elegance and underlines the company’s approach: as few additives and ingredients as possible for a natural, full-bodied taste.

The typeface is dynamically displayed in further communication within the framework of the specified color system in order to underline the credo of the brand and its founder, Philipp Lahm:

Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are fun and ensure inner balance.

All brand guidelines were defined in a custom made Online Brand Guide and handed over to the core team:


Strategy & Creative Direction: Franziska Veh
Art Direction: Lind Haugaard
Design: Lind Haugaard, Laura Kjer Christiansen
Photography: Jule Felice Frommelt