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LP Brand Archetypes Card Set (EN)

Unveil a brand’s essence with brand archetypes

Introducing our brand archetype card set: a powerful toolkit designed to unlock the essence of a brand’s identity. Dive into a world of storytelling and strategy as you explore the fundamental archetypes that shape brands across industries. Whether you’re crafting a new brand or refining an existing one, these cards provide invaluable insights and inspiration to guide your journey.

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What are brand archetypes?

Brand archetypes are symbolic representations of common patterns found in storytelling, psychology, and culture, which businesses can use to shape or sharpen their brand identities. These archetypes provide a framework for understanding and communicating the essence of a brand’s personality, values, and aspirations.

From “The Hero” who triumphs over adversity to “The Sage” who offers wisdom and guidance, each archetype embodies specific traits and resonates with particular audience segments. By aligning with a relevant archetype, brands can establish stronger connections with consumers, evoke desired emotions, and differentiate themselves in competitive markets.

Questions to ask to define archetypes: If your brand was a person …

… would they be the nice person next door or the mean bone?

… do they prefer peace or do they like to provoke?

… how would they rate nostalgia on a scale from 0-10?

… are they more the type to entertain the room or more of a quiet listener?

… what describes them better: daring or careful?

Why should I work with brand archetypes?

Utilizing brand archetypes provides businesses with a strategic framework resonating with their target audience. They offer brands clarity and consistency and the chance to differentiate themselves in crowded markets, fostering memorable and meaningful connections with their consumers.

Once the archetypes are defined, businesses tap into universal narratives and psychological patterns, evoking emotions and associations that resonate deeply with customers. This emotional resonance can lead to increased brand loyalty, trust, and engagement over time – for long-term business success and sustainable growth.

What does our set contain?

🤓 1 overview card explaining how to use the brand archetypes.

🕺🏻 12 single archetype cards explaining the type with real life examples.

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